Equine Adoption Application

Please download and complete the above PDF application or fill out all the fields below. Once we have received your application we will review it and contact you. Please allow for 24-48 hours after your application has been submitted. All information is strictly confidential.

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Application Questions

Do you plan to ride this horse?
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If yes, please list who will be riding the horse, if they are kids or adults and how much riding experience they have:

Current/Past Pet Information

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Please fill in the following information if you currently have a horse. If you do not currently have a horse, please fill in the information regarding the last horse you owned. If you have never owned a horse, please skip to the next section.

What type of hay do you feed your horses?
Where do you plan for this horse to stay?(personal land, boarding, etc)
If on your pasture, how much land do you have fenced?
If boarding, what is the name of the facility?
Does this place have shelter (from wind, rain, snow, sun) in the pasture (tree cover or man-made)?
In the event of injury or illness, do you have a place where your horse can be put on stall rest in a confined area, away from other horses? *
Do your horses receive regular vaccinations?
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Are your horses on a regular deworming schedule

Farrier Information

Please fill in the following information if you currently have a farrier. If you do not currently have one, please fill in the information regarding the last farrier you used. If you have never owned a horse before please skip to the next section.
Are your horses on a regular hoof trimming schedule?
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Veterinarian Information

Please fill in the following information if you currently have a veterinarian. If you do not currently have one, please fill in the information regarding the last veterinarian you used. If you have never owned a horse before please skip to the next section.
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Adoption Agreement

Are you over the age of 21?
If no, please list your age and your parent/guardian's name/contact information:
Please email crossroadsanimalrescuesc@gmail.com with recent photos of your current horses (photos taken within the past month) and photos of the pasture/stable where this horse will be staying. The current horse photos should include views of their hooves as well as a side and front view of them.
I agree that this horse is being adopted for myself/my family, not as a gift for someone who is unaware of the adoption. I agree to provide food, water, adequate shelter, and veterinary care if injured or ill. I understand that if I return the horse to CARE, there will be no refund of the adoption fee. I understand that CARE / Crossroads Animal Hospital makes no guarantee about this horses’ health status, temperament, or training level. All listed information is based on what we have observed while we have owned this horse, but we usually do not know much history from before we acquired the horse. I understand that future medical care is my financial responsibility, including illness or injury that occurs shortly after adoption. This horse appears healthy at this time (except as listed under known health concerns) but we make no guarantee to future health, soundness, or behavior/temperament of this horse.
By submitting this form you understand and agree to the terms listed above. You also agree that the information presented is true to the best of your knowledge. Again by completing this form, you are not obligated to adopted. The application is part of the approval process.
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The information below will be filled out upon adoption of the horse. For horses not picked up at time of adoption:

After adopting, the new owner incurs all responsibility for the horse, including responsibility for any injuries or illness which may occur. By signing below, you acknowledge that you have inspected the facility where the horse is staying and found it to be in suitable condition. The owner of the property and CARE assume no responsibility for any injury or illness which may occur while your new horse stays at this property. CARE personnel, foster owners, and others may handle your horse for the purpose of moving from one pasture on the property to another or for feeding, watering, grooming etc.
In the event that a medical problem is noted, we will attempt to contact you immediately at the following numbers:
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If you can be contacted, you will be given the option of having Dr. Jordan examine and treat the horse at your expense or you may use a veterinarian of your choice. If you cannot be contacted or are unable to have a veterinarian arrive within a reasonable time frame considering the nature of the illness/injury, Dr. Jordan will proceed with examination and treatment as deemed appropriate and you agree to pay Crossroads Animal Hospital for the treatment by the time the horse is picked up or within 7 days whichever occurs sooner.
This indicates that you have been informed that this horse must be picked up within 7 days of adoption or boarding fees will be charged. Boarding is $12 per day. If you do not pay the boarding fees within 7 days of when the fees begin, you forfeit ownership of the horse and the adoption fee will not be refunded.

Adopter's Initial

Recommended Partners for Continued Care of Your Horse

For training or any behavioral concerns with your new horse, we highly recommend Alexandria Addison from Greenwood, SC. She can keep the horse at her house for training or she can do a haul in visit for a lesson with you and the horse. She will teach you how to handle your horse based on his/her personality and needs as well as teaching your horse how to listen to you. Training is a great idea even for horses who are broken to ride because the rider and the horse need to work together for the best success. Alexandria can be contacted at (864)942-2510.

We highly recommend Pete Ramey for hoof care. He is an internationally known expert on hoof care and he has been trimming your new horse since arrival to CARE’s adoption program. His phone number is (706)201-9447. His website is hoofrehab.com. Routine hoof care is very important. We will inform you when your horse’s next trim is due if you choose to adopt.