Equine Rescue

The vision of CARE for horses is to rescue neglected or homeless horses and find loving homes for them. We operate as a limited intake rescue, meaning we take in only the animals we have room and finances to house until they are adopted. Because we are limited intake we are able to find homes for all our horses and we only consider euthanasia in cases of severe injury, illness, or aggression.
We get our horses primarily from the Oconee County Animal Control, after they have been seized for neglect or cruelty. We also obtain horses from individuals who request we take them in because they can no longer care for them. Horses receive an exam, Coggins test, professional hoof care, and vaccinations as well as a feeding plan designed to get them back to a healthy weight safely. Most of our neglect cases are starving when we get them, so a good diet is essential. We also treat any injury or illness.
After the horse is healthy, we assess if he/she is broken to ride and how much training the horse has had. We then put them up for adoption to a good home.
If you would like to help with horse care, training, or fostering, click here.